Why are you dehydrated even if you drink 2 liters (or more) of water every day?

Some time ago our founder, Sandra, was interviewed for an Italian magazine and asked about how to provide the best hydration to our bodies through diet. This is when she started doing some research about the topic, willing to give the journalist the best answers possible. Doing so, she came across a very interesting article published by "Goop" magazine, pointing out how for several years we have operated with the assumption that the path to hydration was drinking about eight glasses of water daily, corresponding to 2.5 liters. At this point you may ask what is wrong with this conclusion. Let us introduce you to a brand new concept of hydration.

Dr Gerald Pollack and a new knowledge of water

"Goop" presented part of the huge work by Doctor Gerald Pollack, author of "The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor" book, founder of the scientific journal "Water", head of a water science and technology research center in Seattle. With his essay, Professor Pollack takes the reader on a mind-blowing voyage through water, showing a hidden universe teeming with physical activity that provides answers so simple that any curious person can understand. Thanks to his studies and tests, we now know that the picture of human hydration is far more complex than we thought. To get a full picture of a person's hydration, doctors should be taking a much closer look at a person’s entire diet, not stopping at the number of glasses of water drunk during the day.

Collagen Supplement

Have you ever heard about gel water? The beauty ingredient you must know

In his essay (much loved and much criticized for his explicit will to challenge any long-held dogma that does not fit the facts), Doctor Gerald Pollack underlines the importance of gel water. What's that? Until recently, we didn't know either. Gel water is contained in some vegetables, chia seeds, aloe water, cacti water and other plants foods, and it makes up more than 90 percent of the water in our own bodies. To put it simply, water that comes from plants is more hydrating than regular H2O, probably because the extra hydrogen and oxygen atom create a denser form of water, with a silky kind of texture (so the definition of "gel water"). And also because gel water has an electrical charge, featuring a highly conductive molecular structure, as the extra hydrogen atoms are constantly moving back and forth between molecules, generating electricity. During his years of research, Dr. Gerald Pollack found out that the human joints, like fingers, neck and knees, the fluid in collagen and the fluid in our cells, have a common thread: they are all very, very rich in gel water. Hence his theory: if collagen, cells and the fluid between our joints is made up of gel water, then assuming more gel water could help to replenish those systems, preserving our skin, hair and joints health and hydration.

Hydration misinterpretation and ancient survival techniques

In the same "Goop" article (so inspiring, indeed!), anthropologist turned health coach Gina Bria, founder of The Hydration Foundation and author of several scientific publications, illustrated how for centuries gel water has represente a key element for the Incas and the Aztecs survival in the desert lands. “These people would go for weeks without water, subsisting only on chia and cacti—which, it turns out, are full of gel water". Bria has carefully and critically studied the topic of hydration, showing that most of us live in a state of chronic dehydration. The effects of which are many and all negative: exhaustion, lack of concentration and bad mood, as well as insomnia and, surprisingly, weight gain or obesity.

A new way for keeping our body perfectly hydrated

If it's true we are talking about a field of research yet to be studied, tested and explored, still there are some tricks to improve our level of hydration, starting by incorporating as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can, as they not only are full of gel water themselves, but they also contain electrolytes, and their fiber helps the body absorb gel water. So, for instance, a green juice or a green smoothie is actually much more hydrating than a bottle of plain water. We need to adopt a new way of benefiting from the power of water, basically making the water you drink reach your muscles, cells and fascia (i.e. the connective tissue of your body), where it is most needed. And here's the big truth: When it comes to drinking enough water, quantity doesn't necessarily equate to quality. What matters most is the absorption. It is essential to increase fluid intake not only by drinking water, but also and above all by eating fruit, vegetables, seeds and other naturally moisturizing foods. The effects of hydration can be tremendous, and once you experience them you will never look at a simple glass of H2O the same way again.

Our contribution to a much better daily hydration: a beauty supplement with super powers

After all the reading of Dr. Pollack research, our founder was sure of one thing: Depuravita had to be able to create a natural, organic, clean product capable of sustaining hydration day after day. Taking advantage of the gel water lesson. Thus, through further study and relentless testing, our Hello Wrinkles was born. We have carefully studied this new product, enriching our supplements range: its natural and organic formula, free from any kind of sweetners, colorants, added flavours or additives, is a mix of premium electrolytes, collagen peptides and powerful Q10, all antioxidant and anti ageing ingredients. This lime infused superpowder enables skin cells to lock moisture, recharge collagen levels and maximize elasticity to support strong, plump and radiant looking skin within. What you have to do is mix the powder with 400 ml of water, to conduct electricity. Our mission: to provide a deeper hydration, improving every aspect of your health. Because hydration is the basis of our state of well-being.

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