An alternative to fillers and Botox? Here are the benefits of facial yoga

Also because of Instagram, more and more young people are developing a dangerous addiction to medical-aesthetic tweaks. A change of perspective is needed. Learn how to train the muscles of your face with a gentle and effective face gym, using only the best clean & green cosmetics.

Face Yoga

Selfies are booming on Instagram and we know they are largely edited and heavily retouched. This trend, experts noted, is related to the increasing demand for fillers and botulinum toxin. Without necessarily wanting to demonize those who choose this invasive anti-aging strategy, why not give instead a chance to a method that is one hundred percent natural, painless and, above all, wise and with long-term results? We refer to face yoga. The idea behind this discipline, loved by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and by well-known facialists around the world, is more or less this: just like you keep your body muscles in shape by training regularly, so you should do with your facial muscles, learning the best exercises capable of lifting the shape of the face and obtaining a fresh and lifted look.

The holistic approach of face yoga: muscles, emotions, energy

Introducing us to the fascinating world of face yoga is, directly from Paris, Sylvie Lefranc, author of the must-read book "Yoga du Visage" (you can find it for sale on Amazon). "This is a relatively recent discipline", says the expert. "Personally, I first heard about it a decade ago when I read the wonderful 'Awakening Beauty' manual by holistic therapist Susan West Kertz. Face yoga should be matched with an accurate natural skin routine, the use of specific supplements and the stimulation of the focal points, to allow the energy in the meridians to flow freely, according to the teaching of the ancient oriental disciplines. The release of emotional blocks through breathing practices is a top priority: negative emotions, past and present, show their signs on the face. This is why they must be faced and dissolved with awareness and love ".

The cornerstones of the face yoga method

If you want to learn the basics of the face yoga method, here are Sylvie Lefranc's tips: "The first, important facial ritual concerns lymphatic drainage. You can achieve it with hand movements or using rose quartz Gua Sha. In both cases, one goes to rebalance the skin, relaxing the nervous system and giving maximum brightness to the complexion". Do you already know what acupressure is about? "By keeping the fingers pressed on some key points, such as the corners of the nostrils, wrinkles are smoothed, correct breathing is favored and the skin tissues can be oxygenated, obtaining a fresh and healthy-looking face. You have fun simulating kisses: this gesture, repeated every day, prevents the risk of a double chin and allows you to plump your lips. Don't forget to make a detox of your beauty trousse: goodbye to cosmetics with silicones and intoxicating and inflammatory chemicals, welcome organic, clean, green and natural skincare products. The difference will be noticed. Last but not least, remember that regularly taking prebiotics and probiotics supplements will nourish the intestinal microbiota and, consequently, will keep the skin microbiota in perfect balance".

The results of the face yoga method

In short, it is not just a matter of incorporating some good habits into one's beauty routine, but also and above all of reviewing the choices of one's cosmetic products and helping the skin with ad hoc supplements and natural ingredients, according to the "inside out" approach that has become so trendy these days (hurray hurray!). As Sylvie Lefranc points out, "face yoga gives a wonderful effect, concretely helping to prevent and correct the physiological signs of aging. If you are constant, you will quickly obtain a healthy complexion à la Heidi, avoiding the risk of swelling, dark circles, tired complexion, excess sebum. The real goal of the face yoga method is to maintain skin balance. With great kindness ".

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