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Medicine Woman, Catalina Denis Zárate

May we present you Catalina, Medicine Woman, mother, yoga instructor, healer, Kundalini yoga master, life fixer and many more talents. Catalina is a fountain of love, positivity, energy with a huge smile on hr face all the time, so strong that almost you get struck by her. At least this was my first encounter experience with this super special woman. 



You are a very special being with an immense light, beauty inside out, magnificent presence and energy. I met in a very rare occasions gifted people like you. Can you tell us about this gift, when you realised to have it, how was your life before and how you switched into nurturing it and you became who you are today


First of all, thank you so much for seeing this light! It fills me with the outmost JOY because the only way to see and welcome the light is to have seeing and welcomed the light within so, Thank you for the awareness of YOUR light!

As we walk along the path, we realise very often that the light comes from the darkest places. What I mean by this is that it takes having gone trough darkness, through pain and difficult and challenging experiences and having walk through them to understand that what really matters is to understand that it’s our choice to become wiser or to become and walk trough life wounded.

My suffering started very early, I had a pretty challenging life and I could have become a very wounded, bitter and unhappy woman which I was ; ) for a long time…. And then, one day, I just got tired, I got exhausted of being unhappy, of being angry, I got tired of hurting myself in so many ways, physically, by the abuse of exercise, by alcohol and drugs an anorexia and bulimia, emotionally by putting myself in situations where I knew from the beginning I was goin to get hurt, energetically by engaging in projects that didn’t feed my soul and drained me, mentally by letting my mind spin in all different directions and over all, by having the feeling of going through life like a headless chicken : )

We have all felt pain, we have all gotten hurt, right?  Well, what I realized is that it come a point where you have to make your choices.




There comes a point when you have the ultime choice of choosing YOURSELF.

That’s where the light sparks!!

That’s where the real LOVE begins.

We’re ALL healers!!

We’re ALL light!!

We’re ALL Love!

And THIS, this is my Life Purpose, This is my ultimate mission.  To guide others into realising their own power, their own light and Magic!!

You are an expert yogi, healer, meditation teacher but among all things, you organise One On One retreats where you go to people’s house, and basically not only fix them, you fix their surroundings, teach them how to. Which I believe is very interesting. Can you tell us more about this process, the customisation and one to one retreat. Why and how


The One on One retreats came out of me seeing a lot of my friends who felt the need, the urge to do something for themselves, something to change their lives, something to be able to create healthy habits and most importantly to be able to apply this habits in their daily lives, whether they travel, have or not children, whether they’re married or single, whether they’re 30 or 60 years old.

They all wanted to do something about this but felt absolutely when it came to being vulnerable enough in front of others to allow this changes to take place.

During the pandemic, I discover the JOY of teaching, of walking and guiding One to One. The is the real Parampara, the genuine transmission, Teacher to student. And by Teacher, I mean a true friend, no more, no less than a true friend who’s walked the path before and can now share the light without showing you the way. A friend who’s willing and so loving that can walk with you at your own pace, that lovingly can lead you to maybe take bigger risks in order to make bigger and amazing and life changing discoveries about yourself, about your body, about you energy, about your capacities.

It’s incredibly beautiful, I feel truly blessed cause I’ve been able to witness incredible and totally unexpected transformations in my clients.

But that’s not the goal, in fact, there’s no goal. The goal, if anything, is to give my clients the required space so they can put down their armors and protecting, so they can discover, by themselves, the ultimate freedom that comes with the consciousness, the awareness of their own healing power, of their own light!

I have traveled around the world for years, learning, studying and receiving so much love and teachings!

My mission is to distille this ancient medicine and wisdom in a modern way, for the modern human.

Where is your own personal retreat, which place is close to your heart


There’s a place called Le Martinet, near Grenoble in France, THIS is MY happy place.
A place where the conditions are the bare minimum so you really have no distractions and it brings you to the outmost humility.
I’ve learned so so so much in this sacred place.

How is your diet looks like in general, what is a must and what is an absolute no in your kitchen.


When people ask me if I am a vegetarian, my honest answer is : most of the time :) I’m Colombian and eating meat and poultry is a big part of our culture.

My father stopped eating meat and drinking milk ages ago and I guess I just went on with him on that path…

I eat pretty healthy but to be absolutely honest is not a sacrifice, it just became that way, it just became a habit.

I start my day with Depuravita Heal probiotics then warm water all throughout the day, greens, ALWAYS, I used to eat a lot of cold food and now, I »m starting to go warmer and warmer, it feels different, it feels really good actually! I definitely see change in my energy levels and my intestines are saying THANK YOU!!! : )

When it comes to diet, I feel that is the same as everything.

In Yoga we say, « The way we do anything is the way we do anything » so for me is more about observing, listening really close and in the most honest way, how we react to different foods and drinks.

Also, we must keep in mind that nourishment doesnt only come from food.

We must remember that is also very important to have a clean mental diet, we have the responsibility to be mindful of what we listen to , what images do we allow our eyes and our memories to resister, what emotions so we allow ourselves to nourish …

A no no in my kitchen would be … ONIONS and Garlic. They’re not very saatvic and as much as I enjoy the taste, my stomach does not like them at all : )

you published a beautiful book about yoga, can you tell us more about the book, when, why and where our readers can access it


I am very proud of this book.

It really is a step by step, very easy to understand and more importantly, very easy to apply guide into selfcare, into the awareness, exploration and establishment of healthy routines not only tough the outer body but also meditation, amazing, super easy and really yummy recipes and again, all this ancient wisdom from our grandmothers when it comes to nature as beauty enhancer!

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