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Medicine Woman, Natalja Moshkova

Natalja recently joined Depuravita family, just another perfect match where both business energies merged into a new one forming a beautiful synergy from the very beginning. 

We are super glad to present you a story of another Medicine Woman, Natalja Moshkova coming from a poetic land, Estonia.

Currently, a Natural Rejuvenation Specialist, Natalja transmits her philosophy with great love to everyone who comes to experience her treatments or gets in touch with her. Working for many years in direct contact with people, she developed a higher perception of people and it makes her work even more impactful.

The exchange of positive energy uplifts both – her and the clients, and the results are seen and felt. She devotes almost all her free time to self-education by studying the laws of the universe and forming the habit of being fulfilled, happy and free.

1.  When we met, I immediately understood that you were a medicine woman. Can you please tell me about your spiritual journey, when you felt for the first time this gift in you?
Looking back, it feels that my spiritual journey began in my early childhood. I was not conscious of it at the time, but now I understand what a joyful childhood I had. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother in nature and I was never bored. It was always interesting for me to spend time by myself. I fantasized a lot and I loved to talk and play with plants and berries in the summer. It might sound unusual, but I always had the feeling that there was someone next to me. Now, I understand that these were my spiritual mentors who guide me through life. Since I was a child, I have always been sensitive. This was and is my main criterion while thriving and progressing in life – first of all, always listen to yourself and develop your intuition.
My spiritually conscious journey, though, began 15 years ago, after I gave birth to my son Daniel. I felt an undeniable need to grow in the spiritual sphere, to learn about myself, my loved ones and the universe. I felt the support of higher powers that helped me to move in the right direction. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with many interesting people and find training thanks to which I evolved spiritually and gained a profound knowledge of myself.

At a certain point in my life, my hands started to burn (in a literal sense) and I started to feel the need to work with people in direct contact. This was a moment when I changed my profession. I began to feel a special type of energy and a desire to share it with others. I took courses to become a cosmetologist and started practising with friends and relatives. I received amazing support and feedback – everyone I touched said they felt good energy and noted quick and positive improvements in their appearance and general energetic state of being after sessions with me. This was the turning point and the moment when I first felt my special gift. I decided to work on it and my professional activity grew fast. In parallel, I went through spiritual growth. This side of life pulled me like a magnet towards the world of magic and miracles. Then, I gave birth to a daughter Milana, after which life gave me a clear insight and understanding of who I am and what I want, and why I am doing all this. I continued to evolve in the sphere of spirituality. This amazing state of being and knowing motivated me to improve my quality of life and work.
The most important thing for me in spiritual development is to move forward with confidence and trust in life without any doubts or fears. I need to move on in life according to the true call of my soul because everything around us reflects us and returns to us!
2.  How this spiritual gift apply in your treatments, can you tell us more about the philosophy of your treatments, material mixed with spiritual?
Love, respect, responsibility and empathy are the principles that guide me and are the main values I apply in my therapy. Since I’ve been always drawn to everything natural and unusual, I practice a non-classical approach in my facial treatments.

My philosophy is Natural Facial Rejuvenation without injections or surgical intervention. I believe that the most effective way of facial rejuvenation nowadays is the holistic approach. Natural rejuvenation based on holistic self-care is a new lifestyle that can not only give beauty and youth, but more importantly, mental health and stress control capacity. In my treatments I pay special attention to individual needs and use only natural formulations and holistic techniques to pamper the mind and body. Muscle tension subsides, the mind calms down, and the client leaves full of new energy, clear mind and a positive attitude. My ability to recognize people feelings and the divine energy that flows through my hands allows me to heal and better their state of being. This combination of skills helps me to provide my clients with special care and achieve high quality results.
The philosophy of my therapy is to improve the appearance through deep work with muscles, skin tissue and also ones mindset. I focus on the activation of natural rejuvenation processes in the body, with the improvement of blood circulation through manual techniques, the removal of deep tissue spasms and relieving muscle tension. The removal of toxins and the improvement of lively and massaged face is the start of natural rejuvenation. Due to this, the blood flow is accelerated, skin cells begin to actively produce collagen, contributing to rejuvenation and tightening.

My holistic therapy is a unique combination of chakra balancing aromatherapy and energetic tissue massage. A massage relieves muscles, soothes anxiety and gives deep relaxation. Soul and body come into balance, energy is renewed, and inner peace is restored. My knowledge, positive attitude and customized approach gives my clients both external and internal beauty. Seeing the results and hearing the feedback from my clients motivates me to develop further my personalised approaches in the holistic beauty. My philosophy is based on a complete replacement of injection cosmetology.

I am grateful to the universe for such a gift and I really appreciate and cherish it! It is a blessing to bring the skin, body and soul into a harmony.

2. What are your diet, beauty and fitness secrets. What do you recommend to your clients who come to you with the objective of weight loss?
My personal morning routine includes 10-15 minutes of warm-up and lymphatic gymnastics, and evening routine includes stretching exercises and 20-30 minutes of yoga. Generally speaking, yoga, swimming, walking, regular posture exercises keep me in shape throughout my life. I have never used hardware cosmetology or any other intrusive methods. I prefer daily manual massage techniques and using only high-quality natural oils to nurture my body.

I have a very active lifestyle. Being always on the move allows me to stay in a good shape. A sedentary lifestyle is the enemy of our figure and youth. Even after a very busy working day, I go for a walk, no matter the time or the weather. I give a great importance to my diet and nutrition. I never skip a meal and believe in balanced scheduled servings and calories throughout the day - largest portions consumed in the morning and during lunchtime, when stomach is most active, and in the evening, I eat less and do not eat sweet and starchy foods. In addition to a balanced diet, an established daily routine and reasonable physical activity, it is also necessary to provide yourself with a number of useful vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. It is especially important for me to take Vitamin C, which is necessary for the functioning of almost all organs and systems. Vitamin C takes part in the synthesis of collagen fibers, has a whitening effect, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizing skin nutrition. I am very happy to represent Depuravita and having an opportunity to introduce to my customers such high quality and important beauty health supplements, believing in the holistic beauty that shines from inside out.

I encourage my clients to find efficient habits and listen to their body to find the right type of sport and diet that will keep them happy and healthy. I definitely recommend to start the morning with a lymphatic drainage exercise complex. These morning exercises will help to disperse the lymph and kickstart metabolic processes. Sculptural manual massages and postural exercises for rejuvenation really work and bring results at any age. Our life is full of different stressors that negatively affect the functioning of all systems in the body. Stress affects our lymphatic system, resulting in wrinkles, swelling, cellulite and other issues. Lymphatic drainage aims to remove excess fluids from the body and smoothen the skin. The body is equipped with oxygen faster, resulting in better functioning of all our organs. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most important processes in the formation of beautiful and youthful presence.

If you want to keep your body in good shape, then first of all start getting enough sleep. The body needs 7-8 hours of full sleep, during which it is restored. During sleep, metabolism is normalized and stress is reduced. But with a lack of sleep, adrenaline and cortisol increase in the body, which increases the appetite. Lack of sleep affects the hormonal regulation of all metabolic processes. Therefore, I try to go to bed every evening around 11pm and sleep at least 8 hours. Sleep is an effective way to preserve youth and beauty.

Last but not least important factor that helps to keep the body in a slender shape is passion towards life and what you do. I love my work and have a courage never stop learning, I practice positive thinking and nurture the desire to move through life with ease and love and reach new heights.
4. You told me that the most important muscle is in front of our chest that goes up to mouth (which I don’t remember the name anymore) can you tell us more about the importance of this muscle for antiaging and your recommendations?
Women often make incredible efforts to preserve their beauty and youth. But what they often times dont know is that sometimes it  enough to work on just one muscle in the body to look younger and feel better.

Platysma - the main muscle of youth that holds the entire lower part of the face, neck and chest! This is the widest and most influential muscle of all facial muscles!

This muscle starts from the chest (at the level of the second rib) lines the décolleté area, covers the entire surface of the neck, attaches to the corners of the mouth and ends at the ears. It is very thin and can lose elasticity very quickly. If you do not work on platysma, then the skin around the chin sags, the neck becomes flabby, and the corners of the lips drop. Therefore, it is important to prolong the youth of this muscle. I recommend:

- Keeping your head straight, stretching your neck and learning how to sleep in the correct position and on a flat pillow, watch out for displeased facial expressions, it is important to use care products for the décolleté and neck areas, learn self-massage and do regular exercises to keep the right posture.

- Posture is important for maintaining youth. Maintaining a correct position of the head, shoulders and back activates the platysma, and stretches it, due to which it remains in good shape. Most of the day we keep our heads down, looking at the monitor or smartphone screen, so our muscles hardly work. Developing the habit of keeping your back straight will tone it up - and in general, will bring huge benefits to health and beauty.

Also in the middle of the chest at the level of the heart, at the base of this important muscle is the heart chakra Anahata - this is the focus of love and emotional openness to the world.  If there is no place for love in a persons life, then there is a feeling of longing and heaviness in the centre of the chest. This energy centre is responsible for love and self-acceptance. The fourth chakra is responsible for the lymphatic system, heart, chest, lungs, skin, circulation, and immune system. A balanced heart chakra will have the following characteristics: self-love, contentment, compassion, acceptance, and peacefulness.

In my rituals, I use crystals, essential oils and vibrational massage with a Tibetan bowl in this zone to eliminate muscle clamp, internal blocks and internal sadness. Some essential oils are effective in opening the heart chakra. They can be applied to the skin in the area of this chakra or rub the oil in the palms and inhale.

I recommend Neroli oil - to eliminate sadness and childhood trauma, Geranium oil – to improve hormonal levels and Rose oil - for love and compassion. These oils are powerful and can help maintain a clear and protected aura. To harmonize the spiritual and emotional body of a person, perhaps through the correct use of stones to open the chakras. Crystals can support the energy of love to flow freely through the chakra system. They can be placed on the heart chakra and bring you into balance and heal this fourth Anahata chakra. For example, Malachite or Rose Quartz can be helpful for the heart chakra.

All this has a deeply cleansing, harmonizing and regenerating effect. Feelings and emotions affect the physical and mental body - all this reflects our psycho-emotional state like a mirror. Therefore, it is important to be able to take care of yourself, because happiness is in physical and spiritual health. When we are healthy, we complete tasks and reach our goals with ease and joy.

Our body is a temple of our soul.
Our body speaks to us all the time if we only pay attention and listen.