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All you need to know about Ceramosides TM

A new beauty secret

Beauty from within is where cosmetics and nutrition meet. It is the new way to take care of our skin from the inside out with full body coverage. Skin youth and hydration depends on key lipids called ceramides. When aging, westart losing ceramides, resulting in dry and itchy skin, pulling sensations and wrinkles. Taking phytoceramides orally helps restore the skin’s ceramides content. It is the ultimate moisturizer for smooth and youthful skin, replenishing the wrinkles and giving a healthy glow.

CERAMOSIDES™ has been developed to provide an efficient source of oral phytoceramides: Highly concentrated source of phytoceramides from wheat Contains a booster of efficacy: digalactosyl diglycerides (DGDG) Natural, vegan and gluten free (in accordance with FDA and EU regulations) No GMO, no additives and no preservatives

Working from inside out

Skin epidermis is constituted of cells looking like « bricks ». Ceramides are the major constituent of the cement between these bricks and play a key role in the barrier function of the skin. Ceramide content naturally decrease with age and during winter. When there are not enough ceramides, water is lost through the epidermis resulting in skin dryness and ageing. CERAMOSIDES™ brings new ceramides to the skin via the bloodstream and helps restore the water barrier and replenish cracks. Skin gets more hydrated and plump.

Clinically studied action

CERAMOSIDES™ action has been scientifically proven by 2 clinical studies. A state of the art randomised double blind placebo controlled clinical trial showed outstanding significant results in only. 15 days with as little as 30 mg of CERAMOSIDES™ Powder:

A strong skin hydration effect

It is clinically proven that CERAMOSIDES™ improve skin moisturization by more than 16% vs placebo in only 15 days (23% vs. baseline), and more than 21% vs. placebo after 2 months (36% vs. baseline). Significant results were also observed when measuring the trans-epidermal water loss.

An exclusive anti-aging action

The double blind clinical trial showed that reduction of wrinkles is significant after 2 weeks and skin elasticity is improved by more than 18% vs. placebo in only 15 days (15% vs. baseline), and more than 26% vs. placebo after 2 months (36% vs. baseline).