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Medicine Woman, Marialuisa Morelli

Dr. Morelli is a fascinating personality. She is a multifaceted expert in chiropractic, with integrative approaches that enhance healing. She offers several healing modalities that are geared to take whole-person care to an integrated harmonious level. We love her 360º way of looking to wellbeing. Hope you enjoy this interview and explore a new philosophy of beauty with Marialuisa. 

SN: You have a multidisciplinary methodology: Chinese medicine, holistic osteopathy, face taping, anti ageing, trauma therapy. How did you develop these gifts, can you tell us about the path of your life

I was graduated from the faculty of medicine and physiotherapy 24 years ago but soon after, I realised that my real passion was to cure people and help them with their health and well-being thanks to a synergy of body, soma and soul. So I decided to adopt a more holistic and global approach .. I started the school of osteopathy and I became an osteopath specialised in particular on the sacral and pediatric skull.  Later on to enrich my practice with an approach towards energetic healing, I undertook a master's degree in acupuncture, moxa and cupping. My world is in a continuous evolution and constantly changing.. with the aim of restoring my patient's health and wellbeing.

SN: Do you have the hands of a healer, at what age did you realise you have this power to heal people with your hands and how did you develop this gift

I certainly found out at a young age that my hands have a great listening power to scan the patient's disease. At the beginning I almost didn't want to recognise this "gift" alone, as it was a big responsibility to bear with lots of emotional luggage.
Thanks to sharing of sensations or perceptions, and my capacity to help, I accepted and I am very grateful that I did.

SN: Tell us about Face Taping and how to use it for anti ageing and visible benefits

Face Taping is not only used to make wrinkles disappear, but it is also often used to remedy the consequences of some serious pathologies such as stroke, tumor or facial paralysis. It is a procedure which, thanks to the application of an elastic adhesive tape, allows you to enhance rehabilitation treatments by reducing pain, inflammation and improving, as a secondary but no less important effect, the harmonies and symmetries of our face.

Face taping can therefore be used to remedy the consequences of various diseases, such as parotid or mastoid tumors which lead to a contraction or paralysis of the facial muscles as a secondary effect. Goes to act on the so-called Bell's palsy or cold paralysis, helping the relaxation of the muscles and the return to a "normal" expression. Face taping responds to the concept "movement is health" by making the muscle work correctly, it can reduce scars, jaw problems such as gritting your teeth .. a real self-healing! 

SN: What advice do you give your patients for a healthy, happy life? What they have to do, nutrition and therapies.

To learn how to interpret the messages that our body send us, like decoding the crying of a newborn baby. Each symptom maybe the a sign of something else, deeper and even more serious.The body does not lie, the body is a theatre and the scenario of the unconscious, and is the mirror of our balance or imbalance.
We have to begin to notice our breath. Walk, drink plenty of water, eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. And get your favorite treatment at least once a month.

Me for instance can't do without my collagen drink, Magic Potion on my own in everyday life :) 

 you can contact Dr. Morelli here