Introducing an enlightening conversation with Sara Grillo, the visionary behind Oh My Face. Join us as we explore the profound significance of skin wellness. Sara's philosophy revolves around the idea that our skin is a precious gift from Mother Nature, serving as a reflection of our innermost emotions. In her own words, "The skin is the most precious garment that Mother Nature has given us." Throughout our discussion, we'll uncover Sara's insights into how our skin is a mirror of our inner selves and learn to appreciate its value. Prepare to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and embrace its beauty with Sara's holistic perspective.

SN: Sara, could you please share with our audience a bit about your background and what inspired you to start Oh My Face?

SG: I come from a completely different background from what I do today. I lived 12 years in New York and worked in fashion. After Covid, as it happened to many people, there was a turning point where I felt the need to reinvent myself, so I did. I've always liked working with my hands; in my spare time, I enjoy painting or working with clay on the potter's wheel. In the last few years spent in New York, I noticed with pleasure (most likely due to lockdowns and closures of beauty centers) the spread of manual facial rejuvenation techniques and various courses on face yoga and a different concept of beauty that aimed more at a natural effect rather than abusing fillers that ultimately change the features of the face. I was immediately passionate about it and attended various courses at the academies of two Russian Master Facialist trainers, Alina Rumyantseva and Joanna Hakimova, focusing on Face Up massage. Later on, I delved into a part of Dien Chan at the international academy of Italian facial reflexology A.I.R.F.I. with Beatrice Moricoli, and finally, I approached the method devised by another great expert, YAMUNA SAVE MY FACE, a treatment that involves the use of rubber balls that stimulate directly from the cranial bones to intraoral muscles.

"The skin is the most precious garment that Mother Nature has given us. The faces of people fascinate me! "

SN: could you share some insights into the treatments you offer at Oh My Face and the results your clients have achieved?

SG:The treatment stimulates increased lymphatic and blood circulation, providing nourishment. Collagen and elastin connections are restored by working on muscle tone and skin elasticity. Results are visible from the first treatment, while a cycle of procedures along with teaching self-care and facial exercises allows for lasting results.

In addition to the "sculpting" effect, immediately visible, there is a relief of all tensions concentrated in the face. However, it is not just an aesthetic treatment because it also works on people suffering from bruxism: it can be therapeutic for those naturally prone to grinding teeth and accumulating tensions. The face immediately after the treatment appears brighter, hydrated, and fuller. Cheekbones and eyebrows are higher, the gaze is more open. The face regains volume and symmetry. Every face is asymmetric, but asymmetries can increase further with increasing tensions.

SN: Tell us more about your technique for addressing face osteoporosis and bone density loss, which are crucial factors in aging that traditional creams often cannot effectively target?

SG: One of the things that intrigued me the most during my studies is that bone loss is faster in the face than in other parts of the body. The bones of the face become fragile and rigid; this method also focuses on bone stimulation. After the bone is stimulated, the muscle tightens and tones, smoothing out wrinkles. There are very small spaces between the bones of the face and between the bones of the skull, which allow for cushioning impacts and a little more movement. When the bones become rigid, they lock and cannot move as they should. Muscles contract inward, and the skin separates from the muscle and sags. This treatment counteracts the aging processes, stimulating the bone, muscle, and consequently the skin, increasing circulation that nourishes all three layers so that all cells start working again instead of atrophying.

The goal of this treatment is also to understand the functioning of our body to help slow down the natural aging process and achieve lasting results over time; for example, skincare and creams have no effect if we do not stimulate the skin and manipulate it daily. The skin receives nourishment and oxygen from within, not from outside. If tissues are not in balance and circulations are choked, no cream will give the desired results. To remain elastic and healthy, the skin needs to be stimulated and massaged every day.

SN: Sara, could you explain the rationale behind your preference for using hands rather than tools in your approach to skin wellness, and how this choice enhances the effectiveness of your treatments?

SG: I really like the energy exchange that arises from a massage, something that is lost when working with machinery, essential for me to be able to do a good job. Each of us ages differently, and it is essential that the treatment is personalized based on the imperfections that one wants to improve.

"Hands are an important channel of communication and convey energy, strength, and love that do good. In our hands, there is great power: an energy that we all have since birth that if nurtured and made aware can do us a lot of good."

SN: Sara, as someone deeply immersed in promoting skin wellness, could you share with us your own personal wellness routine and any practices you find particularly beneficial for maintaining healthy, radiant skin?

SG: Personally, my routine involves a nourishing or moisturizing mask every morning (after thorough cleansing the night before). As soon as I wake up, I rinse my face only with water and apply a moisturizing mask. In the meantime, I continue with my activities, have breakfast, or make the bed (in the morning, no one ever has too much time, so I optimize it). Before removing it, I do a self-massage for a maximum of 10 minutes with movements always from bottom to top and from the center to the outside, starting from the neck and then moving on to the cheekbones and temporal area, then reaching the eyes and forehead, and then remove with two face sponges. I immediately notice an effect of immediate freshness on the face; it erases those "pillow creases" and that sleepiness puffiness, try it to believe it! Of course, this routine can also be done in the evening, but as they say, "The morning has gold in its mouth," and that sort of immediate glow that accompanies me after the mask, I personally prefer to have it with me during the day instead of in the evening.

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