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A Pilates Guru, Ellison

Elisa is not just any pilates teacher, she has a very special gift. 

- during the lockdown you quit exercising and were never able to resume activities
- you have brain fog, you always feel tired and you don't want to exercise
- you haven't trained in a lifetime and you don't know where to start
- you don't want to go to the gym with a high volume music that gives you headaches and train with steroid pumped trainers

Well, welcome to our world, the real world where you are not alone. And Elisa can help you with her intelligence, maximum knowledge of the human body, physical beauty that motivates you but above all, her empathy and patience to make you stronger, more confident and full of health every day. Here is a fitness story..

SN: We met in the middle of the pandemic, I had just finished the original covid, despite not having any symptoms, I felt super tired, energy sucked by a mysterious thing, a synthetic disease that I was trying to get rid of. And then I met you, first lesson, I was already ready to give up. but after 3 years here I am, super disciplined, pilates 4 times a week, perfect body, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing everything perfect. What's your secret, how you manage to create this empathy even with the most desperate cases like me.

I have always tried, first of all, to convey a message to my pupils that this should be a moment of self love, to feel good not only physically but above all mentally. A moment for yourself only to be able to disconnect from everything. An experience not as a duty but simple pleasure. I think the secret, and I think this in general about everything, is to put passion into it.. I love what I do and I believe this is my mission, to make change in people's life, to motivate and encourage them continuously along the way.

SN: you have a very particular method, despite being distant, you can understand a person's level and you define a perfect program with steady and constant growth without forcing, and boom, without even noticing you improve that person's condition. What is your secret, how can you perceive so perfectly the physical condition of the person through a computer screen.

Being able to work behind a screen is nothing complicated, simply adapting yourself to today's technology. I mean if you think a healer can work through zoom I am perfectly capable of doing this as well. What matters is the result .. also it really is a good solution for those who have little time available, for those who travel a lot and for those who simply want to enjoy the peace and privacy of their own home. I have a lot of clients, such as freelancers, models who live in hotels and travel all the time who need to keep fit and keep stress away, same as top managers .. I study for them special training programs that require few tools so they can exercise literally everywhere.

SN: Now that you're a mom, can you tell us how was your pregnancy experience, how you managed to get back in shape and what advices would you give to expectant and new mothers. I know you've also done special courses for teaching "pilates during pregnancy"

My message to all mothers: pregnancy is an extraordinary condition and must be treated as such. From day one it must be lived in the best possible way, blessing the child and yourself in every way. Nothing should be taken lightly. You need to work hard to keep body and mind in balance. As far as sporting activity is concerned, it must be done in an intelligent way, moderately but with the assistance of a professional who can only establish a personalised training program in proportion to the person's physical condition. Doing Pilates during pregnancy has many benefits including: transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, improvement of lymphatic circulation and therefore reducing swelling, as well as reducing fatigue. I have always practiced pilates to help cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well.
Postural exercises can compensate lumbar pain. And then clearly the movement that limits the increase in body weight and helps to avoid gestational diabetes. Pilates helps also with the stress management during pregnancy. It trains our central nervous system which becomes more and more receptive. If you have the possibility to follow my steps, the recovery will certainly be easy and a little patience, everything will be the same as before.

To summarize: a solid foundation of well-being will help you to give birth in the most healthy and serene way.

SN: what is your nutrition secret

My motto on nutrition has the same keyword, that is equilibrium. Do not exceed in anything, but try to take all the nutrients with common sense, therefore favoring proteins, fibers and carbohydrates but also knowing how to indulge in good sugars which are also fundamental for our body, after all we need to satisfy our body and mind.

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