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Medicine Woman Mayia Alleaume

From France, here is a makeup artist connected with female beauty, and much more than that. Very good at using brushes and eyeshadows when it comes to making up the faces of stars and models, Mayia has created a work tailored to her deepest passions. In fact, today she combines the activity of make-up artist with that of light warrior, beauty mogul and expert in crystal therapy and sound healing. From the meeting with our founder Sandra Nassima a splendid story of friendship and solidarity emerged: united by the belief of "inside out" beauty, the two women discovered that they have many points in common. Thus was born the choice to collaborate on new, stimulating projects. Heading for a joyful, spiritual and conscious lifestyle.

Can you introduce yourself?

I grew up in the wild landscape of the Basque Country, halfway between the mountains and the sea. Having had health problems since childhood, I have learned some alternative practices to strengthen my energy and support the immune system. My job as a make-up artist gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world, from Paris to Los Angeles. I then became a crystal and sound healer. Not forgetting the creation of my Sentara Holistic brand.

What guides you in your choices?

I rely on the love of beauty, the arts, the healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Can you tell us something more about your activity as a healer?

I practice an ancestral healing method called "Sound Healing & Crystal Healing". I love it very much because it combines an ancient approach to healing with knowledge derived from more modern scientific studies. My job is to help people bring their physical body and their energy body back into perfect harmony, detoxifying from all blockages and heavy negative thoughts, which have a strong impact on our state of well-being.

You are also a successful business woman. What can you tell us about your brand's products?

The idea of founding Sentara Holistic sounded to me like an exciting challenge. All the products of the brand are connected to the same message, which is my philosophy of life: "To shine, you must first take care of yourself". In fact, I argue that beauty comes from what you have inside, from your soul: to emanate light and grace, you must feel good, expressing your full potential as a unique individual.

Is there a Sentara product you can't do without?

I'll be honest: each product of my brand has its own beneficial effect, so it is very difficult for me to make a choice, But, if I were forced to give an answer, I would say that my favorite product is the Auric Spray, because it balances emotions and subtle energies.

Your spiritual attitude is expressed in the use you make of crystals as therapy.

On closer inspection, the crystals were long before us and will last long after we disappear from Earth. Their electromagnetic potential and their frequency are governed by the laws of the Universe. It is amazing to find out that each crystal has its own structure, its own electromagnetism, its own energies. And since we humans also possess electromagnetism and are full of minerals within our bodies, we can interact with these wonders of Mother Nature.

What are crystals useful and beneficial for?

Crystals help us reconnect to universal laws, balancing our body and emotions, making us stronger, happier and more centered. You can carry small crystals with you during the day by keeping them in your pocket, meditate on your skin, or keep them at home or in the office, wear them as jewelry or use them to massage your face.

Is there a crystal that you recommend using when mood and energies are extremely low?

To recharge your batteries, try the effect of the powerful Tiger Iron, born from the fusion of three incredible stones, namely red jasper, hematite and tiger's eye. This mix of crystals will help the regeneration process, helping the mood.

Can you name your daily wellness habits are, the very essential ones?

I could never skip the moment of my morning ceremony with a cup of matcha. It is a ritual that gives me peace, joy and focus. Also, today I do a massage using my beloved Gua Sha.

If you were talking to a very, very stressed woman, what advice would you give her?

To try to live a life as conscious as possible, staying in the present moment. A good habit for her might be to dedicate 5-10 minutes daily to meditation, focusing on her divine feminine power and incorporating small rituals into her routine to reconnect with the most spiritual and sacred part of her.

What's your life motto?

My mantra is "Energy is the new Beauty". It is a concept that I have developed over the years and which I firmly believe in. Go and express and cultivate your inner beauty to let your outer beauty shine. You should know it works :)