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An expert guides us towards self-love and true happiness

This is the time of the year where we can press the pause button and focus on what really makes us happy, calm, and complete.

According to Matías De Stefano, Spanish educator of the Consciousness Planetary Network, it's all about frequencies.

The whole Universe and each of its creatures vibrate to different kinds of frequencies. As for us, we should learn how to tune ourselves with higher frequencies, the ones that soothe us.

Matias De Stefano

FREQUENCIES: how to create a nurturing self-care routine

It's holiday time, we have much more time at our disposal and we can choose to start right, right now a personal and powerful process of awareness.

Where to start? According to Matías De Stefano, who has been studying these topics constantly for years, there are 3 things we need to do.


The first one is for the body and it's about changing the way you eat. Don't confuse this with a diet or with a pre constituted program. Change the way you eat by acknowledging what your body is asking for. You are going to notice that if you really want to raise your frequencies your body will stop asking for meat and instead will be attracted to fruits, seeds and plants. Why so? Plants do manifest light. Meat and dairy products don't.


The second step is for the soul and consists in breathing deeply. The way you breathe is going to affect how your endocrine system works, but also is going to impact on your level of stress. So take a deep breath and remember you need to breathe through the nose, to activate the lungs and feel in a space of quiet and peace. The effect will be immediate.


We are up to the third thing, which is for the spirit. To order your chakras, to lighten your spirit, don't forget to laugh. Laugh is a true medicine and is key for connecting with much higher vibrations.


So if you want to live a conscious life, self-nurture and connect with joy: eat better, breathe deeply, laugh more. And remember: the power that we have inside is infinite. What we have to do is learn how to use this enormous potential properly.

In order to awaken it, we don't need to imitate other people and maybe be envious: whe should look into ourselves and dig and dig until we find what we love the most, what gives us a sense of fullness, happiness, purpose.

And no, there is no rush, not at all actually.

As Matìas says, "the Universe is a constant of time and space". Which means we have to live for the here and now, not always on the run, aiming for more, pretending the impossible from ourselves.

We are so huge. And we have the right to be happy, to spread the light, to be contagious with love and laughter and empathy!