Their unique store is a treasure trove of alternative healing, natural remedies, and spiritual practices that nurture the mind, body, and soul. Vladimir and Maud's unwavering dedication to holistic principles has made their store a sanctuary for those seeking to reconnect with themselves and embrace a more harmonious way of life.

Depuravita: What is Holiyou?

HOLI YOU is a space for life, exchanges and expertise. Our vocation is to provide a well-being response to our daily lives, through products but also and above all through new and privileged experiences with rigorously selected therapists. The body and the spirit being inseparable, we offer products and services to treat well-being in a global way.

The place divided into two spaces:

the store part = The Temple
the treatment part = the sanctuary

"We want to make experiences "live" by combining complementary fields."

3. What services/ products do you offer?

Our approach is fundamentally holistic: the solutions offered act in favor of stress management, sleep improvement and the management of physical or emotional pain, for daily well-being. We bring together a wide range of expertise (Ayurveda, adaptogenic plants, mushrooms, purification products, stones, jewelry, supplements, books, sex toys ... and alternative treatments such as yoga, hypnosis, massages, sound therapy or Reiki...).

We want to make experiences "live" by combining complementary fields.

The main idea is how and with what to do good at any time of the day throughout our existence!

Make life softer, calm, grounded, full of love...

4. Are there any future projects you are excited about ?

There are many events happening. They are already planned until Christmas, sometimes with therapists or new brands as well as those who accompany us and have trusted us from the beginning like DEPURAVITA. Some of these events will also be the fusion of brands and therapists to live unique and highly immersive experiences.

We also have a new location in the works that we'll be happy to talk about soon.

The best way to stay informed about these events and all these new projects is to follow us on the networks and to subscribe to our newsletter.

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