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Marco Colantuoni and the concept of "gym for the mind"

Clinical psychologist, expert in holistic medicines and personal improvement techniques, the founder of "Scelgo Me" is also and above all a friend and a trusted collaborator of Depuravita. His advice? In a hyper-agitated and loud world, say frequent yes to moments of silence and self-listening. To heal yourself

Choose yourself, each and every day. According to Dr. Marco Colantuoni, energy consultant and clinical psychologist with holistic interests and training, it is a fundamental priority. Especially in these whirlwind and confused times, in which it is very easy to lose sight of oneself. Let's speak about this topic (and many others), the founder of "Scelgo Me".

Can you tell us about your background and your studies?

Mine is a varied and articulated path. On the one hand, my academic career allowed me to train as a clinical and dynamic psychologist, deepening various techniques in Italy and in the United States. First of all, hypnosis, in which I specialized at one of the most important institutions, the NGH (National Guild Of Hypnotism). At the same time I have achieved various specializations and masters in different holistic disciplines at the Riza Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine in Milan.

Can you tell us more about these disciplines?

They range from holistic medicine to applied kinesiology, from Bach flower therapy to Alexander Lowen's bioenergetic body reading techniques, without forgetting relaxation techniques and imaginative relaxation. These methods - in my opinion - are like rays that converge in the same sun. I believe in the concept of total well-being, which is essential to the different aspects of the human being and which must necessarily integrate the various levels, enhancing the uniqueness of the person. I also deepened Eric Berne's transactional analysis: a system capable of giving voice to the multiple aspects of the Ego. I could list you other studies and experiences, but I prefer to stop here, so as not to feel too old :)

Can you explain your current profession?

I am currently the manager of the company I created, called “Scelgo Me” . My work as a clinical psychologist is aimed on the one hand at patients who need support in their path of growth and change; on the other hand to companies, to which I offer consultancy, especially in the field of human resources and team management. It is essential for me to know that within my consulting company I can collaborate with my sister, Dr. Sara Colantuoni, an expert in business psycho-economics. Together, we manage to combine the needs of the human being and economic objectives. I am also very active as the author of books, audio books and training for the end user: I have published several books with Anima Edizioni and with my studio, dedicated to personal growth and improvement.

What are the most pressing psychological problems in times of pandemics and post lockdowns?

People felt they were locked up in cages. The situation we have experienced, and which we are still experiencing and fearing to relive, has forced many people to face some personal problems left unresolved for too long. Among these, anxiety, depression, panic attacks: these are just some of the situations that I am facing together with my patients in these difficult times. But I see hope after dark: I am always sure I can accompany my patient towards a better existence.
What does the "Scelgo Me" method consist of and what are its basic principles?
The "Scelgo Me" method mainly revolves around a clinical-transactional psychological approach, together with the Deep Mind. The goal is to help the patient realign the deepest part of her with the needs deriving from the reality of daily existence.

Can you explain to us how the therapeutic path is realized?

The first pillar of any path has to do with the enhancement of the individual: I believe that every person is extraordinary and must first recognize their extraordinary nature. Secondly, a sort of "reprogramming" of our deep mind is necessary, which must be reoriented to find solutions, when it is anchored to the problems. We remember that our mind works like a computer: too often we act with programs that we have recorded in the past and that, in a completely unconscious way, we repeat and repeat in the present.

How does this "reprogramming" of the mind happen?

It's about putting in new strategies and training to make them automatic. We are extraordinary beings and we need to live every day in the name of Happiness, because we all deserve and need love and recognition.

What advice would you give to someone at high risk of burnout?

It cannot be generalised: we should always analyze the situation specifically and then find the right, custom made solutions. However, I believe that it is increasingly difficult to respond to stressful situations, especially in times like the one we are going through. I would certainly suggest getting help from a professional, to identify the strengths to be activated in order to change. If the person turned to me, surely a Deep Mind path, associated with individual sessions, would be of support.

What is a psychological issue linked to current events and our way of life?

One of the knots that our society has the task of undoing is that of recognition. Each of us has a hard time recognizing ourselves as the protagonist of our own evolutionary change. Many of us, instead of choosing to take responsibility, look for the causes of our unhappiness externally. It is the heart of "I Choose Me". Let's think about it for a moment: if "I choose me" I am not excluding you, on the contrary, I represent one more light in the sky of Existence.

With Depuravita you held the "Deep mind evening" appointments, bringing to light the concept of "gym for the mind".

As a hypnosis expert and clinical psychologist, I believe that many of the stressful situations we experience are the result of constant training: at some point in our past, we have introduced limiting behavior and with constant repetition of it we have made it automatic, to the point of living it in the present as if it were natural.

A trap scheme. How can it be broken?

Well, just as we go to the gym to train muscles and one day we discover that we know how to lift weights that we believed out of our reach, in the same way we can train our deep mind, making it capable of facing stressful situations and life complications. All this can happen automatically only if the training is constant and protracted over time.