Hailing from Estonia, Julia's unique approach to brand management is shaped by her background in semiotics and psychogenetics of human behavior. She deeply appreciates the interconnectedness of life, grounding her work in trust for natural processes.

Collaborating directly with business owners, Julia offers innovative solutions that elevate brand presence by delving into the intricacies of communication and individual behavior nuances.

As the driving force behind THE FRANKLY SPEAKING consultancy, her inquisitive nature about contemporary culture fuels tailored solutions in strategic communication, brand management, and collaboration development.

Julia is gearing up for her second retreat in Pantelleria, featuring a leadership program rooted in psychogenetics. In anticipation of this unique venture, we sat down with Julia to explore the significance of psychogenetics and how it shapes her innovative leadership program.

Can you simplify the concept of Psychogenetics of Human Behaviour and explain how it is applied in the leadership retreat you're developing?

The Psychogenetics of Human Behaviour is a multidisciplinary study that integrates psychology, physics, genetics, and spiritual principles. This methodology, also known as the IDEAL-method, asserts that life events are not random but predetermined by inherited genetic code. Understanding and developing individualized strategies for our thoughts, words, and actions can therefore alter these predetermined outcomes. It’s a conscious process of self-work and living in the present moment.
As a brand and concept consultant, I've collaborated with various creatives, founders, and freelancers. Despite their differences, they often share similar struggles and uncertainties, such as whether to approach a new client, assessing market readiness, evaluating brand readiness, and navigating the tension between conforming to conventional methods versus forging a unique path. Having followed an independent 'modus operandi' for the past ten years myself, this study answered many of my unanswered questions, leading me to pivot in all sectors of life.


“The IDEAL-method distinguishes and emphasizes the significance of spiritual intelligence, which sets it apart from emotional intelligence and traditional IQ. Through this unique retreat, I aim to introduce this methodology and mindset to other leaders across different sectors."

Why specifically did you opt for Pantelleria as the retreat location? How does this choice align with the fundamental principles of psychogenetics?

Pantelleria happened and made sense… When I visited the island in 2022, I felt something familiar. You know, when you’re in a totally different place from your birthplace and culture, yet you feel more at home than ever? There and then, I made myself a promise that I would be back. That I would be back for a personal project, not as a tourist, not for work, but for me.
Probably, it can go into the section “watch what you wish for” or “ask and you shall receive”.
In the context of this retreat, Pantelleria is the best place to disconnect from physical aspects. Nature is raw, beaches have no sunbeds, and you have to “make an effort” - walk or even climb to get to a place. Roads are tight, and you cannot drive luxury cars here and show off. In the world we live in nowadays, people tend to draw conclusions and focus on external signs and status symbols. We are all somehow conditioned by socio-cultural aspects, and I wanted the place to correspond with the core of psychogenetics and make participants dive deeper, go beyond our set mentality, and reactions conditioned by external factors, cultural norms, society, or metropolitan environments.

There's a belief that we can reprogram our DNA and genes to shape a different path for ourselves. What are your thoughts on this concept, especially in the context of the psychogenetics explored in the retreat?

My response might seem like an oxymoron in this context. I firmly believe that we possess the power to reprogram our DNA. DNA is a carrier of information inherited from our ancestors' experiences, which is why it's possible for us to rewrite and modify it. By studying our ancestry and comprehending the factors that shape our consciousness, daily decisions, actions, emotions, and reactions, we gain the ability to effect change. However, this change is elusive if we lack understanding, awareness, and conscious effort. Life is dynamic and personal evolution is a continuous journey without a definitive endpoint. It demands a substantial amount of willpower, courage, honesty, and commitment to initiate the transformation.

Share some of your personal well-being hacks. How do you prioritize self-care, and are there specific practices influenced by psychogenetics that you find particularly effective?

I believe well-being begins from within, from understanding your True Being, and asking yourself a question “Why?” Surrounding yourself with open-minded individuals who support and comprehend your true nature.
My latest personal well-being strategy, influenced by psychogenetics, involves reinterpretation and separating the persona from the situation. Reinterpreting experiences allows us to view life as the ultimate gift and cherish our personal successes. Separating the person from the situation helps to release emotions towards others or oneself, understanding of why certain events occurred and what lessons were gained from them in order to progress. This perspective encourages viewing life as a continuous journey of improvement and not “taking it personally" (hehe).
Additionally, I've embraced the well-being practices of the Nordic hemisphere, including enjoying a good sauna routine, consuming seasonal local meals, and maintaining a balanced workout regimen. I am definitely an ambassador of the philosophy "less is more" in all aspects of life.