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Let Go

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A carefully crafted tincture designed to enhance your body's natural cleansing process

A Journey of Holistic Purification with Let Go

In the pursuit of profound well-being, the moment has arrived to unshackle yourself from the grip of toxins and bask in the rejuvenating embrace of Let Go. A carefully crafted tincture designed to enhance your body's natural cleansing process. This powerful blend cleanses the extracellular matrix, activates vital systems, and removes harmful substances, paving the way for a healthier you.

Specifically targeting the removal of free radicals and acids from the extracellular connective tissue, 'Let Go' contributes to improved health and functionality. The activation of the body's elimination organs – the kidneys, skin, liver, and intestines – ensures effective waste elimination. This is made possible by a blend of herbs, including Dandelion, Elderberry, Plantain, Nettle, Artichoke, and Sarsaparilla, aligned with the broader goal of supporting the body's detoxification process.

But there's more – 'Let Go' also supports the activation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Enhancing immune response, fluid balance, and blood circulation, this tincture, enriched with key components like Cleavers, Rennet, and Nettle, plays a pivotal role in maximizing the effectiveness of the natural and herbal-based method.

By drawing inspiration from the concept of release, this extraordinary formulation harnesses the innate potency of nature's remedial forces, nourishing your body's intrinsic mechanisms of detoxification.

Who is it for?

Let Go is for individuals seeking profound detoxification and rejuvenation

How to use

For daily use, simply add 20 drops of Let Go into your preferred liquid, such as water, tea, or a beverage of your choice, using the dropper provided.



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    • Dandelion

    • Nettle

    • Yellow Bedstraw & Cleavers

    • Sarsaparilla

    • Elderberry

    • Narrowleaf Plantain

    Dandelion is prized for its versatile and beneficial properties. Notably, it is recognized for its potential as a natural diuretic, promoting kidney health by facilitating the elimination of excess fluids and waste from the body. This herbal extract is also associated with anti-inflammatory effects, offering support for conditions linked to inflammation. Rich in vitamins (such as A, C, and K) and minerals (including potassium), dandelion tincture contributes to overall nutritional well-being. Traditional uses encompass addressing issues like liver support, digestive concerns, and skin conditions. With its broad spectrum of health benefits, dandelion tincture stands as a valued herbal remedy for holistic wellness.

    Nettle is celebrated for its diverse therapeutic properties. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory potential, this herbal extract may aid in alleviating conditions associated with inflammation. Additionally, nettle tincture is recognized for its diuretic effects, potentially promoting kidney health by assisting in the removal of waste products. With its rich nutritional content, the tincture offers a source of vitamins and minerals, contributing to overall well-being. Traditional uses also highlight its role in addressing issues like gout, skin rashes, and kidney gravel. Nettle tincture's versatility extends to supporting regular bowel activity by stimulating the large intestine. Overall, this herbal remedy is valued for its holistic impact on various aspects of health and vitality.

    Cleavers (Galium aparine)
    is a multifaceted herb recognized for its valuable properties. Notably, it serves as a gentle yet effective diuretic, promoting increased urine production and aiding in detoxification. The herb has historical significance in supporting renal function, suggesting potential benefits for kidney health. Cleavers is renowned for its capacity to activate the lymphatic system, contributing to improved circulation and immune support. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory potential is acknowledged, making it traditionally useful for addressing conditions involving swellings. With a historical association with skin health, Cleavers indirectly promotes skin well-being through its lymphatic influence.

    Yellow Bedstraw (Galium verum), like its counterpart Cleavers, boasts a range of beneficial properties. Notably, it is recognized for its diuretic qualities, gently supporting increased urine production for detoxification purposes. With a historical association in traditional medicine, Yellow Bedstraw is considered beneficial for renal function, potentially aiding in maintaining kidney health. Similar to Cleavers, Yellow Bedstraw is esteemed for its ability to activate the lymphatic system, contributing to enhanced circulation and immune support. Its potential anti-inflammatory properties align with traditional uses for addressing inflammatory conditions. The herb's historical relevance in promoting skin health reflects its indirect impact on the lymphatic system, fostering overall well-being.

    Recognized for its diuretic properties, sarsaparilla has been historically valued for its diverse health benefits. Used as a tonic, it exerts a generalized action on multiple body systems, earning the label "alterative." Beyond being a diaphoretic effective in fevers, its primary strength lies in its diuretic nature, aiding in the clearance of kidney and bladder gravel and stones. Additionally, sarsaparilla proves beneficial for conditions like dropsy and venereal disorders. Universally acknowledged as a blood purifier, sarsaparilla extends its positive effects to various facets of health. Native Americans leveraged this herb for addressing stomach issues, promoting skin health, supporting kidney and urinary tract function, and combating respiratory conditions.

    A small tree commonly found in meadows and light forests, is a prominent figure in European herbal medicine and folklore. With roots in shamanic traditions, it's recognized for its purgative properties, decongesting stagnant blood, and removing heat and toxicity.
    Beneficial for kidney function, Elder improves blood oxygenation and respiratory capacity. It has a historical reputation for addressing edema and kidney-related issues. In the realm of skin health, Elder proves useful in addressing rashes and chronic conditions like erysipelas, eczema, and boils. It opens pores, facilitating the removal of impurities. Elderberry, with its rich history and diverse applications, plays a vital role in holistic herbal practices.

    Plantain is primarily recognized as a potent "herbal drawing agent," particularly known for its ability to extract splinters, dirt, pus, and infection from wounds. This unique quality sets it apart in the realm of herbalism, even though conventional medicine may not attribute such properties to plants. The plant's natural history further supports its drawing capabilities, as it thrives in hard, compacted soil, demonstrating its ability to extract nutrients from challenging environments.The mechanism behind Plantain's drawing ability remains unclear, but its effectiveness is evident in its traditional use by herbalists and folk medicine practitioners.
    Plantain is recognized for its skin-cleansing attributes. The tincture derived from Plantain is believed to contribute to skin health by cleansing and supporting its natural healing processes.




    What is a Tincture?

    A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract made by soaking a plant or plant parts (such as leaves, roots, or berries) in a solution of alcohol and water. This method not only allows for the efficient extraction of active compounds but also eliminates the need for using potentially harmful synthetic preservatives. Tinctures are known for their high bioavailability, meaning that the body can absorb the active ingredients more effectively compared to some other forms of herbal preparations

    What makes Let Go So Strong?

    The strength of Let Go is attributed to the exceptionally high content of active ingredients dissolved in the alcohol. First and foremost, it is crafted using a unique alchemical process, eschewing conventional chemical methods. This means that the production exclusively utilizes locally sourced plants, carefully selected for their detoxification properties. Through this alchemical technique, the active compounds in these plants are extracted and concentrated, resulting in a potent elixir that encourages the body's natural detoxification processes

    What kind of Chinese medicine philosophy was applied in the creation of Let Go?

    The creation of Let Go draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which views the body as a holistic system where various organs and functions are interconnected. In TCM, balance and harmony are key, and the goal is to support the body's innate ability to heal itself. Let Go combines the wisdom of TCM with a focus on detoxification and purification, aiming to optimize the synergy of eight carefully chosen plants.

    how each of the eight plants in Let Go contributes to the detoxification process and aligns with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles?

    The synergy of the eight chosen plants in Let Go aligns with TCM's concept of balancing vital energies, or "Qi," within the body. Each plant contributes specific properties that work harmoniously to facilitate detoxification. For example, Dandelion supports liver function, Nettle aids in expelling toxins, Yellow Bedstraw and Aparine assist in cleansing and revitalizing, Elderberry enhances immune health, Narrowleaf Plantain purges toxins and aids in skin health, Sarsaparilla aids in intestinal detoxification, and Artichoke Extract supports liver function and bile production. This holistic approach aims to promote overall well-being by addressing imbalances in the body's vital energies.

    Are there any potential side effects associated with using Let Go?

    While Let Go is crafted with natural ingredients known for their detoxification properties, it's important to note that individual reactions may vary. Some individuals may experience mild digestive adjustments as their body acclimates to the detoxification process. However, adverse reactions are rare and typically transient. As with any new supplement, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications. They can provide personalized guidance based on your specific health situation.

    Is let Go Vegeterian?

    Yes, it is vegan and totally plant based.