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SuperWomen, Claire and Pascale

Today we would like to dedicate this Sunday Reading for the occasion of Mother’s Day, to two SuperWomen, Mothers, Claire and Pascale, soul-friends, founders of “Les Huilettes”, pioneers of Clean Beauty in France. For them authenticity, commitment and senses are the heart of their beauty process. For a simpler, more respectful beauty routine to feel good from the inside and the outside.

Claire and Pascale founder of Les Huilettes

SN: Setting up your own business is literally like giving birth. Can you tell us the story of your “brand baby” and the journey of nurturing Les Huilettes.

Les Huilettes is above all a story of friendship and conviction!

The expertise of Pascale (pharmacist and aromatherapist) in search of a more committed essential beauty drawn from the heart of aromatherapy and the entrepreneurial and commercial energy of Claire.

 "We want to offer true and effective beauty. Cosmetics should not only be about skin, but also a source of emotions. A suspended moment, for oneself, to boost positive energy in the morning or to let go in the evening."

les huilettes purifying mask

SN: Being a mom and an entrepreneur takes a lot of strength. How motherhood  helped you in your journey at Les Huilettes.

Indeed, being a company head means being on all fronts! You need a lot of organisation but also a lot of patience and support from your family and your children. Our children are proud of what we have undertaken and of how far we have come since the creation of Les huilettes. They are an incredible strength and comfort on a daily basis!

SN: What is your recommended beauty routine for mums to be

The ideal routine for pregnant women, our SENSITIVE range.

Fragrance-free and allergen-free, it's perfect for expecting mothers to safely care for their skin.

STEP 1. Cleanse your face with the extra-gentle SOAP les huilettes.

STEP 2. Apply a few drops of SENSITIVE, for an immediate healthy glow.

Can also be used on the body, on delicate areas that need nourishment.

STEP 3. Add a dab of CREAM for moisturizing action and plumped skin.

This 3-step routine will leave your skin feeling soothed, nourished and radiant

SN: What are your 5 top healthy practices

Pascale’s tips

I'm an unconditional fan of yoga - Ashtanga, hot yoga, vinyasa, I practice them all without moderation according to my desires and my schedule! And always coupled with a meditation at the end of the practice to fully assimilate all the benefits.

-The hike, the connection to the trees, accompanied by a ritual, that of hugging a tree and thanking Nature for what she offers us.

-I practice a 3-day fast once a year, which is ideal for putting the digestive system at rest. It is a real detox and reset, both physiological and emotional.

-A balanced daily diet, non-processed and as plant-based as possible along with sprouted seeds in most salads.

-A simple and healthy beauty routine that feels good, so les huilettes:)

-I don't hesitate to take dietary supplements and I'm currently a fan of Depuravita's 100% natural Chocolate Collagen, good for the skin and so yummy!

Claire’s tips

-In the morning, a warm drink made with ginger, chia seeds and lemon for a gentle awakening to wake up smoothly.

-I prefer a diet rich in seasonal vegetables and limited in animal proteins.

-Laugh-Laugh-Laugh! and share many moments with those I love.

-Move, I alternate between cardio activities (like jogging and swimming) and kitesurfing for the feeling of fun and speed.

-Once a year, I go for a week's hike in the mountains, completely autonomous with just my backpack, it's the BEST way to disconnect.

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