A very special fir

From the branches of the classic Christmas tree a liquid extract with the precious virtues of well-being is obtained. Ready to take a trip north?

Heading to Northern Europe. It is here, in the endless, enchanted Scandinavian forests that silver fir lives and thrives: a botanical species that would deserve applause only for its proud and regal aspect. If, like us, you love nature and botany, this is the article for you.

The prince of conifers, a species in need of protection

The Nordic peoples call it "The tree of light", but also "The prince of conifers". The silver fir actually has something majestic and, at the same time, magical. An evergreen botanical species, it does not suffer from rigid temperatures (on the contrary, it loves them!) and it can soar up to 50 meters in height, surpassing the roof of the forest and making itself noticed with its elegant silhouette. Resistant by nature, it must unfortunately be said that, due to climate change and to the incessant and ruthless deforestation operated by man, the silver fir is seeing a decline in its specimens.

A super beneficial liquid is extracted from its branches

Science has discovered relatively recently that a highly beneficial liquid extract can be obtained from the branches of silver fir. It has been called Belinal®, today a registered and patent protected trademark: the liquid extract concentrates a rich variety of powerful bioactive polyphenols, studied and tested by different teams of researchers, above all that of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its number one feature: unparalleled antioxidant effectiveness.

This watery elixir, extracted in a delicate and respectful way of the tree, stimulates the antioxidant capacity of our body, trapping free radicals that circulate in the bloodstream. Studies have also shown its excellent ability to control diabetes levels, helping to maintain the right weight and promoting skin health. It is therefore no coincidence that this sort of magic potion, actually a very pure and very fresh gift from the forest, is today the basis of the best pro healthy-aging supplements.

Thank you, Prince of Conifers!

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