Keeping fit thanks to potato powder? You bet!

We are not fans of drastic and mortifying diets, on the contrary, in our opinion they are counterproductive and very often dangerous. Instead of starving (and having a desolate mood, disastrous skin, bad breath), why not help the remise en forme operation using a natural product, made from potato powder? You should know that this ingredient, obtained from the most famous tuber in the world, that is the white potato, has highly satiating properties. In fact, it contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight and / or to the weight loss process, for those who are trying to shed extra pounds.

Potatoes aren't just yummy...

Have you ever noticed how even a small serving of potatoes makes you feel incredibly full? These vegetables are hyper satiating, as demonstrated by various scientific tests, in which they have always beaten other foods, vegetable and otherwise, in terms of satiating effect. In addition, among the various protein sources contained in potatoes, there is one called PI2: known as a potato 2 proteinase inhibitor, it has an inhibiting effect on appetite. Here it is: this protein promotes the production of cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone closely connected with the sense of satiety. This is why today there is an increase in food supplement products adjuvant for weight and slimming, in whose formulations there is precisely potato powder.

We introduce you to you an award winning ingredient for losing weight
Potato powder has been subjected to numerous scientific tests. The well-established company Kemin has created Slendesta, a safe, clean, natural food supplement based on potato protein, demonstrating the satiating effect, free from side effects. As it is easy to guess, by promoting satiety, Slendesta makes it possible to self-control the portions and quantities of food ingested during the day, solving various weight problems. Its effects have been, as we said, studied in 12 clinical tests conducted on humans, for a total sample of 500 people. Participants tried Slendesta, with no obligation to have a particular diet. The result: zero side effects and, instead, a feeling of fullness, a tangible weight loss, with a reduction in the waistline and a drop in blood sugar levels immediately after meals. Not bad, right?

Behind the scenes: the scientific research behind Slendesta
The control of hunger thanks to the best plant science (and knowledge). The active molecule of Slendesta is the well-known Proteinase Inhibitor II (PI2) protein, which works by promoting and increasing the body's natural release of cholecystokinin (CCK). In turn, the CCK signals the key organs, the stomach and brain, to induce feelings of fullness. To harness the potent satiety benefits of PI2, scientists from the Kemin group set out to search for a natural source of this molecule. And it was by studying and doing research that the scientific team discovered that russet potatoes have higher levels of PI2 in nature and are true miracle workers for the satiating effect. And here is the way to the creation of Slendesta, an ally of physical form. A heartfelt thanks to the potatoes, then!


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