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Hyper moisturising elixir for the skin: praise of electrolytes

The new ingredient to introduce immediately into the skincare routine? Electrolytes, pro hydration and pro luminosity. Here is their beauty & health curriculum

When the skin requires a surplus of hydration, there are several solutions: drinking more water is the first, fundamental strategy, as of course eating foods naturally rich in water, starting with seasonal fruit and vegetables. When it comes to skincare, it pays to pamper your skin using highly moisturising serums, lotions and creams. But if you want the best results, you should know that electrolyte-based cosmetics are the new frontier of beauty. Do you already know what these precious moisturising actives are? If the answer is no, read our article.

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Electrolytes: from sports drinks to skincare products

Perhaps you have noticed the word "electrolytes" on some energizing drink to drink immediately after immediately after sport, to replenish mineral salts and H2O after sweating and making intense muscular efforts. Electrolytes are actually included in common sports drinks: these are minerals that can retain water reserves, helping to rehydrate the body. The functions of electrolytes are not appreciated, however, only in sports; recently, in fact, cosmetologists have discovered that their powerful moisturizing effect is also and above all beneficial for our skin. It is therefore not surprising that more and more beauty brands are including electrolytes in their cosmetic formulations, creating super moisturizing products, ideal for those with dry, agée and / or sensitive skin.

What exactly are electrolytes?

A little chemistry lesson can be useful to clearly understand the functioning of electrolytes. It is a large family of minerals, in which there are magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium and phosphate. And here is their peculiarity: when mixed with water, these minerals become conductors of electricity. In turn, this mechanism triggers a number of positive effects, allowing our cells to produce energy and regenerate, balance PH levels and regulate and maintain optimal hydration levels. Result? The health and appearance of the skin improve, allowing it to defend itself from the daily external aggressions, consisting of pollution, temperature changes and UV rays.