Ladies and Gentlemen, it's an absolute honor and privilege to introduce JJ Brighton, an Activation Guide and Multidimensional Light Language Channel. As we embrace the post-solstice energies of December, JJ brings a wealth of insight and gifts to illuminate our path into the new year, weaving messages of light and hope. With a dedication that spans the globe, she spends her days facilitating healing and activation for individuals worldwide through virtual gatherings and multidimensional coaching and mentorship programs. Join us as we delve into her remarkable talents and messages, welcoming the dawn of a new chapter.

SN: JJ, when I first encountered your work, what immediately struck me was your remarkable accessibility. Despite your prominence in the cosmic realm, your messages and creations effortlessly resonate with individuals, whether deeply immersed in such exploration or not. How do you manage to maintain this universal appeal and connection?

JJ: What keeps me the most grounded and the most relatable is probably by default, my family. I am the mother of many children. Even though when I first started my family, I had no idea that I would end up with eight kids, I am now finding myself in that circumstance. Of course, it does have its challenges. But one of the benefits is that although I'm up in the sky and up in the galaxy, and experiencing all kinds of high vibrational frequencies, and in spirit and in the astral realms, I can very quickly come right back down into this earth plane and connect there because of my kids–because of their soccer games, their laundry, helping them with homework—they keep me connected to this reality. So I would have to say, my family helps keep me grounded and I give them credit for that.

SN: Discovering and nurturing such profound gifts must have been an incredible journey. Could you share more about the moments when you first noticed these abilities within yourself? How did you navigate and nurture these gifts throughout your own personal journey?

I would say that most of my gifts started from a very young age due to the fact that I was born into a family that was part of a fairly conservative religion. But it was a religion that was open to spiritual experiences. We were taught, from a very young age, to listen to spirit, that we could actually communicate with something we didn't see with our eyes. Not only that, but when I was a child, my father passed away. So, I was accessing my mediumship abilities from that age due to the fact that I wanted to just connect with him. And so, as I moved forward in life, I always wanted to bring in that ability to connect with loved ones who had passed, that ability to connect with spirit. And I always listened; I always listened, and I paid attention. And that's something I nurtured and cultivated from a young age until today.

SN: I understand this is a query you've encountered frequently, yet it feels pivotal to your work. Could you help us understand the essence of light language and its role in the activation process?

JJ: Light language is a very fascinating subject. I believe that I’ve always used light language through music. Even when singing in English, I know that music can convey multidimensional energies, much like the various ways light language can be manifest—music, vocally, written with hand, or danced. I also was a dancer and always felt like I was expressing something beyond myself when I danced. I truly believe that light language's most significant and important characteristic is its ability to bypass the conscious mind. It expands beyond forms of expression that hold a lot of programming. Our written and spoken forms of communication, such as English or other standardized languages, inherently carry programming. However, when we break free from grammar and spelling rules, and start to color outside the lines with light language—which might sound like gibberish—we access a part of our inner child when we first started speaking and experimenting with forms of communication, tapping into a place beyond the rules and boundaries of our physical reality. When we have a desire to experience things beyond our physical existence and lack a means to express or integrate it, light language can provide that. That is why light language isn’t just for sharing with other people; it's there to help us on our personal spiritual journey.

SN: JJ, your offerings are incredibly diverse, ranging from free resources on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and social media, to monthly gatherings. For beginners venturing into the multidimensional activation process, where would you suggest they start? Additionally, I've heard whispers of exciting news for the upcoming year. Could you share any insights or hints about what's on the horizon?

JJ: I've always loved to dabble in all kinds of things. I’m multidimensional and my offerings are multidimensional. Many people have wondered where to start. Coming in 2024 I would say one of the very first things to start with is to join the community. I do have many on-demand offerings that are also a little taste of what I do. But what my community portal will do is help people to not feel alone. And when we don't feel alone, we're able to expand at a more rapid pace. When we feel like we're part of something bigger than ourselves we are able to release fear because others around us are modeling that expansion, that place where we want to be. And if we keep ourselves isolated, and try to learn, I feel like it goes a lot slower than when being part of a community and learning within a community. So I would have to say, my brand new community portal, that will not be offered until January 1, 2024, is what I would recommend as the first step.

SN: Your monthly energy updates on YouTube offer such insightful perspectives. Following the powerful passages of the 12/12 portal and the solstice on the 21st, what overarching global themes are you foreseeing for 2024? Could you give us a glimpse or share any insights from your guides about what might be in store for us in the upcoming year?

JJ: The main themes that I see for 2024 tie right into my answer to the previous question. Gathering in a community—preferably in person, as my guides emphasize the significance of physical presence among fellow Lightworkers and grid workers—is going to be key to the expansion that we experience in the coming years. However, in situations where physical gatherings aren't feasible, coming together virtually will play an important role too. One of the biggest themes for 2024 is coming together and feeling that support. We're no longer being isolated on our spiritual journeys. We are being asked to return to the councils, to the sisterhood, to the brotherhood, and to the family. Reconnecting with a sense of community because this is a collective ascension. This is planetary ascension. This is not about individual ascension anymore.

SN: Can you share some helpful self-care tips, specifically tailored for busy moms.

JJ: I try to listen to my body when it comes to everything diet/sleep/exercise related. I find that my body’s needs change from day-to-day and if I’m in tune, I can give it the specific support it requires. For instance, I’ll walk into the kitchen and pause before I grab anything to eat or drink—I find my body will communicate exactly what it wants in that moment and I always feel better if I take that time to tune in.
I also run 5-8 miles about three times a week and work up a good sweat! Always feels so good to get the heart rate up!
When it comes to my mental health, I like to spend time one-one-one with family members rather than trying to do lots of activities with everyone together because it’s overwhelming sometimes.
And finally, releasing “mom guilt” has been key to helping me put my mental/physical/emotional health first so that I can be present for my family when it’s time to fill those roles.

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